What is One Road to London?

One Road to London is a 20,000 kilometer, 25-plus country overland journey from my home town of Adelaide, Australia to London, England. 

In January 2018, I'll leave my home, heading north-west over the Australian desert, Indonesian archipelago and across Eurasia towards my final destination. 

Wherever possible, I will be avoiding travel by air, opting for routes over land and sea. I'll be catching buses, trains, rickshaws, ferries, and any other transport as I cross one side of the world to the other, attempting to see as much as possible from ground level rather than from 30,000 feet above. 

Proposed route as of January 2018.  Click here for my current location. 

Proposed route as of January 2018. Click here for my current location. 


Three Projects

On the road, I'll be working on a range of projects that document the places I'm exploring, the people I meet, and the nature of the travel itself. 


PROJECT 1: Home to Homeland

My route will be dictated by the home towns, villages and cities from which 10 Australians originated. Coming mid-2018.


PROJECT 2: Dispatches

Reported stories from the road. 


PROJECT 3: Life in motion

An intimate documentation of the travel itself, bringing you along for the ride via the Interactive Map, travel logs, photos, videos and more. 



Who am I?


My name is Edward Cavanough.

I write, I research and I travel.

You can read some of my pieces in publications like The Guardian, Al Jazeera, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Hill, and more.

I've been based in Sydney since 2015, but my home is Adelaide - a smaller, sheltered city in Australia's far south. 

In a past life, I toured the country playing music before hanging up my guitar to start paying the bills, and researched public policy at a leading Australian think tank.

Before this project, I'd traveled to over 30 countries, from the Americas to Asia, Europe to Oceania. 


Why am I doing this?


One Road to London is the realisation of a childhood ambition: an odyssey from home to its antipodes via everything in between. 

Read more about why I'm doing this here.